Moodkill - Snippet Theatre
M.E.H - The Outbound Project
Sideways Momentum
Moodkill - Snippet Theatre
The Mission - The Outbound Project 2016
12 Million Volts - The Outbound Project 2017
M.E.H - The Outbound Project - 2019
M.E.H - The Outbound Project - 2019

Current Projects

Directing "Jeremiah" for Jack Dean & Company 

Directing "My Name Is" for Haste Theatre Company

Working with Sophie Nuzel on a new show for families 

Directing a show for David Whitney exploring magic interwoven with queer narrative. 

Working with Created a Monster Theatre Company, developing a film exploring Epilepsy. 

Devising "The Drum" with Hubbub Theatre Company

Developing a solo show with previous support from Camden People's Theatre. 

Continuing to create film shorts to be released throughout the year. 

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