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Perpetuity (Working Title)

A Solo Performance by Chris Yarnell 

Currently in Development

"How would you spend eternity? Would you write a great novel? Learn to solve a Rubix cube? Or, would you stare at a screen for a decade in your pants? 

Fusing visually and physically driven storytelling, clown, Performance Art and illusion. We ask how you would spend forever, what (if anything) constitutes a soul and how resilient the human spirit can be when you’ve been there, done that and found the right dressing gown for you!

Inspired by Dorian Grey, Lockdown, Lazarus and pot plants. This solo show explores a life that is never quite finished." 

This piece has so far been supported by Camden People's Theatre with further development planned later in the year. This is Chris' first solo show. 

Contant Notice: contains themes of death, suicide and partial nudity

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