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M.E.H - The Outbound Project

M.E.H - The Outbound Project

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M.E.H - Mass Epidemic Hysteria 

The Outbound Project

Writer: Liberty Martin

Director: Chris Yarnell 

Collaborating Artists: Lucy Bishop, Martin Chime, Chloe Christian, Susie Coutts, Dominique Dalton, Emma Grace, Kim Hallam, Chloe Holliday, Mj Lee, Benedict Martin, Gordon Millar, Blaine Neal, Shanez Pattni, Amber Rose, Phoebe Stapleton, Laura Tipper, Jordan Turner, Georgia Young

Supported by: Arts Council England, New Diorama, Greenwich Theatre, The Cornerstone


20 June 

The Spring, Havant 

21 June

Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot

27-29 June

Greenwich Theatre, London

6 July

The Pound Arts Centre, Corsham

20-21 July

The Place, Bedford

1-25 August

Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

7 September

Plymouth Theatre Royal Lab, Plymouth

12-14 September

Salisbury Playhouse, Salisbury

An exploration of the word Hysteria and the behaviour the word enabled patriarchal systems to overlook and justify as far back as ancient Egypt. With magic tricks and a performer dancing in a box throughout the duration of the show

"Ancient Egypt 'wandering womb' theory first recorded

1518 - Hundreds of people dance uncontrollably on the streets of Strasbourg

1877 - Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot gives demonstrations

of hypnosis on female 'hysterics' in Paris

2019 -You sense an exploration of medical & theatrical storytelling that transcends time... you feel a sensation that can only be described as an uncontrollable urge... you book your ticket..."

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