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Moonshine's Entirely Necessary Adventure

Magic Maverick Theatre Company

Moonshine is a silver girl lost in the woods who embarks on an epic adventure! Meeting wolves, mermaids, pirates and taking on The Corporation who threaten her forest. A family show exploring identity, friendship and subverting traditional fairytale tropes with live music and projection. 

Written by Molly Burns

Directed by Chris Yarnell

Cast: Rosa Brooks, Helen White, Lucy Bishop, Jessica Dennis, Molly Burns

Lighting Design: Martha Godfrey

Producer: Daisy Hale

Music by the company 

Performed at:

Pleasance Islington

Ovalhouse (MainStage Easter Half Term)

The Albany 

“I left the theatre that afternoon with a renewed sense of self-worth, perpetuated even more, by seeing the happy young faces around me believe that they could be whomever they wanted to be, stereotypes be damned.” ★★★★ LGBTQ ARTS

“Audiences will be thoroughly entertained by some top-notch physical comedy, enchanting visuals, and a gifted all-female quartet of actors. Director Chris Yarnell and lighting designer Martha Godfrey cleverly employ the use of hand-cut animations manipulated live on an overhead slide projector. This striking visual element serves as a refreshing reminder of the power of do-it-yourself theatrical magic” - Younger Theatre 

Supported by The Roundhouse, Arts Council England and BAC. 

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