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Director - Tumours

Written and performed by Ashleigh Laurence

Director:  Chris Yarnell

Producer: Lydia Harrison 

Maiden Speech Festival, Tristan Bates - 2018

Catalyst Festival - 2019

Assembly at Ed Fringe - 2019

SOHO theatre - 2019

Reviews for Tumours: 

“Disarmingly honest”. ★★★★ London Theatre

★★★★ - FemFest

“It’s not often you get a play about a premature death fantasy, and even rarer that you get one as honest and funny as Tumours” - Ed Fest Mag

“Some of the scenes are quite graphic, which adds to the earnest nature of the piece… Direction by Chris Yarnell gives the show the blueprint it needs.”

Interview with Ashleigh Laurence 

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